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2019 MAC Call for Speakers

APMP-NCA 2019 Mid-Atlantic Conference and Expo Call for Speakers APMP-NCA solicits abstracts for presentations at the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Conference and Expo (MAC). We are looking for sessions that use a variety of presentation methods (standard presentations (with PPT slides), panels, workshops, etc.) and provide innovative, actionable insights that attendees can use in their day-to-day experience

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Size Doesn’t Matter–Proposal Process for Small Business

Wouldn’t it be awesome if our proposals managed themselves? We’d have more time to spend on writing and reviewing and the producing the quality that buyers crave--not to mention more freedom to spend with family and friends and to pursue our passions. Most of us proposal managers have dreamed of such a world – only

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Managing Processes

When thinking about managing processes, I’ll admit I get a little excited. Process is my middle name! And, MY processes are my favorite. I’ve got a process for just about everything and boy do I hate it when they change! (Sound familiar?) As Proposal Managers, this is our job. To manage a process and the

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Proposal Innovations–Managing Processes

Managing process in proposal development needs to be flexible.  It has to adapt to fit the size each deal’s individual submission parameters (page limits, number of volumes); to fit the timeline for the response (5, 20, or 45 days); to work within the culture of the organization (hierarchical vs. agile); and to accommodate the size

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3 Common Graphic Myths

In the world of proposal design, many gurus tell you to follow the “rules.” But, like Captain Barbossa of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, I believe rules are more like guidelines. They are there for a reason but, if followed blindly, can lead to dire consequences. Here are three common myths surrounding these “rules”

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BPC Recap–Robin Davis’s Maximum Influence: How to get it and how to use it

Mastering communication and understanding human nature are essential if we want to effectively persuade and influence people. In the book, Maximum Influence: The 12 Universal Laws of Power Persuasion, author Kurt W. Mortensen writes, “As a society, we are interconnected and the ability to make connections is vital to our success. We can’t get anywhere

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BPC Panel Recap–The Magic of Asking the Client the RIGHT Questions

At this year's Bid and Proposal Con in Orlando, I was fortunate to lead a panel around how to best ask questions of your Government customer. Joined by Alex Cuccaro of Richter & Co, and Jeff Leitner of Red Team Consulting, we spent a lively hour discussing the best methods to drive your customer to

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BPC Recap–Chris Sant’s Push-Button Persuasion: Almost Magical Content Library Techniques

For those of you who couldn't attend APMP's Bid and Proposal Con in May, Chris Sant has generously shared his slide deck that he used when presenting his session entitled "Push-button Persuasion: Almost Magical Content Library Techniques."  Even though we don't have the benefit of his outstanding oral presentation, his slides still provide us with

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