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Organizational Change Management: How to keep your business moving in the face of organizational change and uncertainty

Whether it’s a Government shutdown, company re-structuring, or consolidation through M&A, change can have a negative impact on your organization if the accompanying periods of uncertainty and downtime are not properly managed. In business development, an environment filled with uncertainty can create a breeding ground for lost talent, new business, and even a company’s core

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President’s Corner

Change can be a scary thing for many people, myself included. I am a creature of habit and prefer things to be repeatable and a process. But, as we all experience in life, the old things that have become routine and the habits we have formed may no longer serve us in healthy and productive ways.

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Proposal Innovations, Effecting Change

People resist change. Why? There are many reasons, but some of the more popularly cited reasons are fear (of loss or failure) and avoiding discomfort. But, change is essential for any organization because without change an organization will fall behind its competition and then risk failing to meet customers’ evolving needs. This leads to losing

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What is the Best Design Style for Proposals?

Reacting to what we see is instinctual. In some instances, our reactions can mean the difference between life and death. Fortunately for us, reviewing proposals is not life threatening, although it taps into similar feelings and reactions that then become judgments about what is being reviewed. The style of your graphics says a lot about

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Nudging Toward Change

Can you change? Or do you need a nudge? We Want to Change Most organizations and individuals agree that they could do better. As a capture and proposal expert, I work with dozens of businesses from small to large to assess their processes; make recommendations for improvement; and train employees on how to create solutions

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From the Editor: Changes in 2019

The first quarter of 2019 is already behind us.  How are you doing on those New Year resolutions?  We start each year with a renewed sense of what is possible, and then, most of the time, we quickly become consumed with everyday living, and those new and exciting possibilities can quickly fade.  In this quarter's

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Effecting Change One Unsolicited Proposal at a Time

The theme “Effecting Change” conjures up images of transforming the way the U.S. Government does business. From time-to-time, steps are taken in that direction. In the early 1990s, for example, a commission called the “Section 800 Panel” made recommendations that led to the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994, a law that some consider the

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Changing Technologies

Past Technologies The year was 1995, the year that Microsoft released the Windows 95 operating system, a major milestone in personal computers. Windows 95 gave nontechnical people the opportunity to use inexpensive computers for personal and business purposes. It changed the way we worked and played. In addition, it made Bill Gates the wealthiest man

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