President’s Corner

Back to the Future!

Last quarter we talked about the past and how the rise of technology and other changes in acquisitions has shaped our industry. For this quarter’s eZine, we look to the future and attempt to stay ahead of any curves or changes within our ever-turbulent government. The rise of cloud computing and data center hosting has

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Looking Back–Personally and Professionally

Looking back on our industry makes me think of my dad. He was an accomplished man who served our country and who supported the Intelligence and Defense Communities after he retired from the Army. The joke was always “what did you do at work today dad?” to which he would reply, “If I told you,

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Managing Processes

When thinking about managing processes, I’ll admit I get a little excited. Process is my middle name! And, MY processes are my favorite. I’ve got a process for just about everything and boy do I hate it when they change! (Sound familiar?) As Proposal Managers, this is our job. To manage a process and the

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President’s Corner

Change can be a scary thing for many people, myself included. I am a creature of habit and prefer things to be repeatable and a process. But, as we all experience in life, the old things that have become routine and the habits we have formed may no longer serve us in healthy and productive ways.

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President’s Corner: A Look Ahead

What a busy year it has been for our chapter! I wanted to take this opportunity to review all the wonderful things that have taken place and that are still to come. This quarters’ issue is all about Capture. The need to gather information and build a solution or theme is something integral to every

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Leadership and Professional Development

by Rebecca Link, APMP-NCA Chapter President This has been a busy quarter for our local APMP chapter and even busier for APMP International as they prepared for their annual Bid and Proposal Conference held in San Diego. Out of the many themes that the conference offered to its attendees, one stood out to me as

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