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Five Tips for Collaborating Across Team Boundaries

This article is reprinted here with permission in collaboration with our corporate partner Xait. Visit Xait's blog at Five Tips for Collaborating Across Team Boundaries Sales. Products. Services. Proposals. Team boundaries differentiate one workgroup from another, defining our common tasks and focusing on our shared objectives. When it comes to developing proposals, however, we are better when we work together. For proposal teams, who work across these boundaries every day, the key is collaboration. And knowing how best to collaborate across team boundaries. #1 Team Collaboration (Horizontal) Team collaboration, or the relationship between proposal team members, emphasizes equal participation. But “too many cooks” working on the same “sauce” can slow things down. Strengthen team collaboration by: Emphasizing relevance. Is it clear how one person’s task on project descriptions impacts another person’s task on resumes? Showing how tasks advance the organization’s goals. Is it clear how the team’s proposal process

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Go/No-Go Decisions 101

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This article was originally published May 4, 2022 on Team Patri's blog - Go/No-Go Decisions 101 Professional poker players say the most crucial factor to their success is knowing when to play a hand and when to fold it. Poker players look at the available information, calculate the odds of success, and use this data to make quick decisions to play or pass. Similarly, the best proposal managers would tell you that the most

I Didn’t Go to APMP’s BidCon, but I wish I had

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APMP had its flagship celebration this past week in Dallas, TX, and although I had an opportunity to be one of almost 1,000 attendees, at the last minute I decided not to take it. I was already traveling a lot in May and spending too much time away from my family,  so I ultimately decided to sit this one out. After missing events for 2-3 years due to COVID, I thought what’s another year? There’s

Learning from Losing

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No one wants to lose, and no one wants to talk about losing. It is like talking about death. But failure can be an effective teacher. Most proposals are losing proposals—a statistical fact that is often ignored. But this does not mean that the participants are losers. Consider the career of Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K), a basketball legend who inspires his players to greatness. Under his direction, the Duke University basketball program has become one

Proposal Coordinator Commandments

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Originally published on APMP's blog, Winning the Business Proposal coordinators are often overlooked, but the value they can bring to a team is instrumental in enabling the proposal manager to manage the bid process most efficiently from start to finish. Sure, a coordinator’s role is to assist the proposal manager, but what does that really mean? What differentiates a good coordinator from a great one? There are five “commandments” that every coordinator should follow

“Thinking Outside of the Box”- The Art & Science of GovCon Marketing

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Originally published on LinkedIn, republished here with the author's permission: What is “outside of the box thinking”? I have been in too many meetings where an executive will say something like “Our marketing is stale. We need some outside-the-box thinking.” Often this is the result of seeing or reading about success B2B or B2C marketing in a book or business magazine, or in one instance I can think of, a CEO sitting next to

APMP-NCA Members – We Need Your Input

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Members, please help us shape the APMP National Capital Area (NCA) chapter! Have you seen our survey in your inbox? Who is the APMP-NCA Chapter? If you’re located in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, you’re in luck. The Association of Proposal Management Professionals - National Capital Area (APMP-NCA) is the second largest of APMP’s 28 worldwide chapters. We’re here to support your success. We are located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area —

Resumes for the Win

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Originally posted on Lohfeld Consulting's blog - Resumes for the Win. Resumes are the least appreciated proposal section. Proposal Managers often delegate resume writing to inexperienced writers. Writers create resumes without understanding how to interview the proposed key or non-key personnel for winning content and without understanding the proposed solution. Proposal reviewers frequently spend little time on resume review. Yet, resumes may provide discriminating Strengths that result in the win. Exceeding Requirements In a best

Finding and Cultivating New Talent in the Industry

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Originally posted on In today’s market, we are all competing for proposal talent, and it’s not always easy to find the right fit. Our industry has historically been one where people have “fallen into” it, rather than choosing proposal management as an intentional career path. Proposal management isn’t a college major, so most students don’t even know our industry exists, which means that when they graduate and start sending out resumes, they don’t know

Why You Should Go Remote as a Proposal Writer (and Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Telecommuters)

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Originally published on February 14, 2020 as an article on LinkedIn. How many remote jobs have you discovered for technical roles? Software developers, app engineers, and system architects seem to have it made when it comes to remote work. When it comes to marketing and proposal writing, though, many companies draw a firm line in the sand: You must be able to physically commute to our office. I'm confused by this mentality. I've been writing

4 Tips for Virtual Reviews

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Proposal professionals have learned a great deal on how to handle remote bid development and management over the past year. I expect the changes made as a result of COVID-19 will remain with us even when we return to our new normal. One of the most important changes, in my view, is the increased acceptance and promotion of virtual reviews. Many teams used virtual reviews prior to the pandemic as a way to incorporate different

Recent Decisions Highlight Extra Diligence Needed When Acquiring a Government Contractor

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Two recent decisions by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), one of the forums that hears protests by disappointed bidders for Federal Government contracts, highlight some of the extra steps that buyers of businesses performing government contracts may need to take before closing a deal. A basic principle of Government contracting is that the Government must evaluate offers it receives to determine whether and how well the would-be contractor will meet the Government’s requirements. (Exactly


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