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Why firms keep bidding on losers and what you can do about it

A crappy win rate or lack of bidding success is usually a direct result of bidding on too many losers, aka inappropriate "opportunities". Too often, professional services firms are tempted by the potential boost in revenue and go all out pursuing speculative tender and proposal opportunities. Generally, these firms have no consistently applied or objective

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RFP Red Flags

Given the obligation of public sector organizations, and some corporate or private enterprises, to approach the market and run competitive selection processes (aka calls for tenders, bids and proposals), there are many potential proposal opportunities that may vie for your business development time and effort. Federal News Network reported in 2020 that “[U.S. government] agencies spent

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At A Glance Proposal Graphics

Today's blog is featuring our Diamond Partner, 24 Hour Company, which was founded as a traditional graphic design firm in 1992 by Dennis Fitzgerald. Realizing the opportunity to focus on an under-served niche market in the Washington, DC area, Dennis transitioned the company into one whose primary clients are business development professionals who bid on

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7 Steps for Successful Capture

The Capture process is more than identifying a customer’s requirements and objectives in a Request for Proposal (RFP).  Here are seven steps to help you develop your capture process. 1. Know the Customer Ideally, your capture process starts prior to the release of the RFP. It should begin with understanding the customer’s needs, wants, likes/dislikes, and

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3 Ways to Stay Upbeat when a Proposal Goes Bad

When overwhelmed by a deadline, I can fall into unhealthy mental habits. I get stressed, frustrated, and exhausted. However, years ago, I started using three techniques to ensure a happier, healthier, and more successful me. I learned these strategies from successful business professionals and life coaches. The following strategies work well together to help me

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