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How Qualification Improves Capture Planning: An Interview with Jennifer Namvar

Originally published on Patri’s website at https://patri.io/blog/2022/12/how-qualification-improves-capture-planning-an-interview-with-jennifer-namvar/ After 20 years of experience leading diverse teams to win $2B large, complex business development (BD), capture, and proposal efforts for the top federal government systems integrators within the United States defense and civilian agencies, Jennifer Namvar founded The Peerless Group. She is now focused on helping her

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Capture Power Breakfast Agenda – Updated

Capture Power Breakfast Agenda (Updated!) Come and mingle with other Capture Professionals! Listen to a great line-up of speakers! Enjoy the most important meal of the day! Tickets are SOLD OUT!

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So You’re Just Getting Started In Proposals?

I’ve been asked about what guidance I would offer to an individual just starting out in proposal development. First and foremost, become an information “sponge.”  © Dr. R.S. Frey. Known as the “Sponge Capital of the World,” Tarpon Springs, Florida, is an area where Greek immigrants settled during the early 1900s. Learn about

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7 Quality Questions For Sales Calls

Among the many informative sessions at last month’s APMP-NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference, one struck me as especially brilliant. It provided an elegant tool to take along to those client or potential client meetings to accomplish what you need. You know those meetings; when you finally get the attention of the buyer in your target agency, and

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Don’t Make Me Think: 5 Ways to Improve Proposal Readability

This article is reposted from our corporate partner Key Solutions, Inc’s blog. The original post can be found here. In proposals, clear writing is critical to ensuring the evaluators understand your message. Even if you have the most valuable solution, if you can’t clearly articulate it, you won’t have a high chance of winning the

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How to Get Your Company On-Board with Better Qualification

There are few things worse than finding yourself working late or on the weekend trying to wrap up a proposal you know your company will not win.  Maybe the account executive thought, “why not, it’s worth the shot,” or a go-to-market leader thought your company needed to throw their hat in the ring or that

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That’s a Wrap! Thanks to all who attended the 2022 MAC!

The booths are put up, the speakers have gone home, and Rush Hour Happy Hour was a resounding success! Thank you to all who attended! An especially big THANK YOU! to our myriad of volunteers, vendors, committees, members and everyone else who worked hard in the background to make this happen. Stay tuned for our

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How to Be Part of the Proposal Deadline Solution

The proposal tasks have been assigned for two weeks and a few contributing subject matter experts are overdue. The next Review is in two days. So, it’s probably a good time to pick up the phone.  What do we say? If we start by reminding our colleagues about the deadline, they’ll probably tune us out.

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MAC Sponsor Spotlight – Peter Lierni, Solutioneering

Hear Peter speak at the MAC on October 12th - Register here and grab your ticket! Founder, Author, CAP APMP, and CP APMP, Peter Lierni believes that the mission of government is too important and its challenges too complex to treat winning competitive government bids as a transactional activity or just a process.

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