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Ten Tips for Optimizing Virtual Proposal Reviews

Working from home and social distancing present obvious obstacles to conducting in-person proposal reviews during the ongoing public health crisis. While conducting virtual proposal reviews was a common practice prior to the pandemic, today’s remote workplace introduces challenges that proposal managers must address to conduct effective reviews. Whether you’re conducting virtual proposal reviews for the

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From the Desk of the Vice President

On Friday March 13th, I grabbed my bag and walked out of my Alexandria, VA office. I haven't been back since, and if we're being honest, I don't know if I ever want to. That's not to say that I don't want to keep working--not at all. In the time I've been working from home,

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FREE Coronavirus Response Icons

I’m doing something different this time (as is everyone in the world). Rather than write my standard article, I’m sharing some of my PowerPoint coronavirus response and healthcare icons and symbols. My hope is twofold: Empower people like you to educate others about pandemic response best practices. These royalty free images can be used in

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Why Recent Graduates are the Perfect Proposal Writers

Companies hiring proposal writers and coordinators should be scouring LinkedIn for recent graduates and jumping for joy when they apply. Why? Because college prepares all students, regardless of their major, to be good proposal writers. But in spite of this preparation, so many college graduates feel they’re not qualified for even entry-level jobs thanks to

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Three Things I’ve Learned from the Virtual World

The world may be an ever-changing place, but never has it been quite so true in our generation. Faced with social distancing and sheltering-in-place, our society is facing new challenges on how to cope with a virtual world, and the challenges of remote proposal writing can be difficult to overcome. Over the last several weeks,

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This Normal is Not New – and What That Means for CEOs

For most of us, COVID19 has undoubtedly rocked our worlds, impacting not only our work, but also everything else in our lives. Going forward, I believe that this situation will irrevocably shift the way we work. That view likely feeds the idea that we’re living in a “new normal”. Yet, this normal is not really

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Four Ways to Survive Remote Proposal Management

The spread and concern over COVID-19 has dramatically altered every aspect of our lives. From the global cancellation of major sporting events to runs on meat and paper goods at the supermarket, there is no part of our daily lives that has been untouched by this pandemic. For many companies, the requirement for social distancing

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Time Management Tips in our New Virtual World

 This morning I was on a video conference where we were discussing a training session Time Management from the prior week. There were some very enlightening comments. The theme was not just about keeping focused on tasks but keeping a focus on ALL things important. We are all juggling things, kids, teaching, parenting, other family

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