Members of the APMP-NCA chapter are a group of almost 1,500 professionals working in business development, capture, and proposals in the national capital region. Unique to our geography, many of our members are focused on pursuing opportunities in U.S. federal government space. As largest APMP chapter in the U.S., APMP-NCA offers critical networking opportunities and access to regionally-focused resources to enhance your professional faculty.

The Benefits of APMP-NCA Affiliation

If you’re an APMP member, there are some great benefits to affiliating with APMP National Capital Area (NCA) as your local Chapter. 

It’s free and full of industry expertise. Our members are proposal managers, coordinators and designers, capture managers, business developers and sales professionals with in-depth knowledge of federal and state and local government. They know government contracting like the back of their hands. They know the difference between FAR and DFAR and GWAC and IDIQ. 

It’s a large, active community. As one of the largest APMP Chapters internationally, our membership is 1,3050+ professionals strong. Our community provides opportunities to network with local experts, forge new business connections and gain perspective. At the same time, our community recognizes that each member is also their own vessel of knowledge and experience, and sharing makes us all better innovators and leaders.

APMP NCA has a wide variety of assets and activities aimed at helping you achieve your professional goals, including opportunities to give back to the community and the next generation of proposal professionals: 

  • Newsletter. Our regular email newsletter keeps you up to date on Chapter news and learning and networking opportunities. 
  • Read a Blog/Write a Blog. Our Pens Down Blog provides practitioner and industry information and insights.
  • Monthly Networking. Join in on our virtual and in-person events, including our popular Capture Power Breakfast and our annual Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC).
  • Social Media. Access our member network and expand your network on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mentor-Protege Program. Mentor, Protege and support this opportunity for greater access to peers, hiring employers and new methodologies. 
  • Graduate Pathway Program. Champion and support this opportunity for connecting with local universities who provide proposal-related courses as a career path springboard.

NCA Chapter Affiliation is Easy

Ready to affiliate? Here’s how to affiliate your APMP membership with the APMP-NCA Chapter today:

  1. Sign-in to your APMP account at
  2. Click into your Profile (top right)
  3. Click the Edit Icon under Profile (on the right)
  4. Select “National Capital Area Chapter” from the Chapter Drop-down list (on the left)
  5. Hit “Save”

Congratulations! And welcome to the APMP-NCA member network!

Don’t see anything listed when trying to affiliate? Email and ask to affiliate with the NCA Chapter.

Not an APMP member yet?

Join APMP right now! The annual individual membership fee is only $170, or $85 for retirees, and just $25 for students — an amount that is easily recouped through discounts on events. Be sure to affiliate with the National Capital Area Chapter when you register!

Learn more about the benefits of joining APMP International.

Have questions about APMP-NCA membership? Email!