Recording Available: “APMP Webinar – What’s SUPS”

Our recent webinar recording is now available.

Are you looking for a way to better articulate your discriminating value proposition? This webinar will show you how to explain the Strengths of your offer that bring value to the customer. Using Lohfeld Consulting’s SUPS methodology – Strengths, Understanding, Process and Summary – attendees will learn how and then practice their proposal writing skills.

Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP Fellow and PMP, is Vice President of Lohfeld Consulting Group, a premier business development, capture and proposal consulting firm that helps companies win government and commercial business. Her professional background includes 30 years of experience in project and proposal management, marketing, business development, capture, training and public speaking. She has served as President, Vice President, and Speaker Series Chair of the APMP NCA Chapter. Lisa holds a BA from Yale University, MPP from Harvard University, and MIS from The George Washington University. .

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2019 MAC Call for Speakers

Mid-Atlantic Conference and Expo
Call for Speakers

APMP-NCA solicits abstracts for presentations at the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Conference and Expo (MAC). We are looking for sessions that use a variety of presentation methods (standard presentations (with PPT slides), panels, workshops, etc.) and provide innovative, actionable insights that attendees can use in their day-to-day experience as Business Development, Capture, and Proposal professionals. Approximately 300 individuals will attend the MAC on October 17th in Tyson’s Corner, VA.

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Recording Available: “No Money. No Design Skills. No Problem”

Our recent webinar recording is now available. The presentation does not start until 12:40 in the recording.

Get the latest tools and techniques to make professional proposal graphics quickly with little to no money. No design skill needed. All participants get a collection of 1800 icons, step-by-step guides to making graphics, and Mike’s Graphic Cheat Sheet. Do not miss this high-energy, enlightening event. It will change how you make proposals.

Presenter: Mike Parkinson, CPP APMP Fellow and 1 of 34 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the world, is an internationally recognized visual communication and proposal expert, and best-selling author. He is a partner at 24 Hour Company (, the premier proposal creative services firm. Mike has spearheaded multi-billion dollar projects and helped his clients win billions of dollars. Mike’s training, Billion Dollar Graphics and A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint books, Graphic Cheat Sheet, and Build-a-Graphic ( software help companies succeed while saving time and money. Learn more at

Thank you to the presenter Mike Parkinson.

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Scholarship for 2019 APMP International Bid & Proposal Conference

A scholarship award is available in the amount of a full early bird conference registration for the 2019 APMP International Bid & Proposal Conference in Orlando, May 20 – 23, 2019. Please refer to the conference web site for specific conference information: The scholarship covers Early Bird Full Registration for an APMP member affiliated with NCA. The award is for 2019 only, and the scholarship award will be paid directly to APMP to cover the cost of registration.

Full information and the scholarship application is located here.

All application materials must be received by March 8, 2019.

Recording Available: “Assessing Capture Readiness”

Our recent webinar about assessing capture readiness is now available.

Business capture takes time and money, sometimes with few tangible results. How do you assess capture readiness for each opportunity in your pipeline? This webinar will explore Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help you measure and track capture progress, improve capture quality and increase PWin.

Presenter: Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP Fellow and PMP, Vice President of Lohfeld Consulting Group, brings nearly 30 years of capture and proposal experience. She is the past APMP-NCA President and also served as Vice President and Speaker Series Chair. She holds a B.A. from Yale University, MPP from Harvard University, and MIS from The George Washington University.

Thank you to the presenter Lisa Pafe.

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Recording Available: “Top 5 PowerPoint Tips and Tricks”

Our recent webinar about using PowerPoint is now available.

Learn from a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP (1 of 34 in the world). This session will blow you away! Get the top five secrets the pros use to make and deliver the best-of-the-best PowerPoint presentations. See how you can build almost any graphic in PowerPoint, make professional slides quickly, and keep your audience engaged and eager to learn. Discover where to get the best visuals, infographics, photographs, and PowerPoint add-ins. Walk away with new tools and techniques that help you do your job faster and better—while saving money.

Thank you to the presenter Mike Parkinson.

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7 Key Pre-solicitation Activities for Proposal Management Input

Capture, marketing and proposal staff must perform key pre-RFP release activities to enhance proposal management and content as follows:

1. Perform Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for previous contracts, deliverables, SOPs and customer five-year plan to gauge previous contract activity, issues and initiatives
2. Obtain customer phone listing, e-mail addresses, and location addresses, organization chart, mission statements, operational platforms, toolsets and interface requirements
3. Find out Customer desires, needs, hot buttons, budget, problem areas, politics, decision makers, and partnering ideas
4. Determine makeup of customer evaluation team as to personalities, prejudices, and preferences.
5. Obtain success and failure information on contractors doing business there and form teaming agreements with those the customer likes.
6. Determine/obtain key personnel to be proposed prior to RFP release
7. Have your key personnel make a presentation of your team experience and capabilities to the customer

These steps will better position your team for the win by enabling you to help shape your proposal content based on the customer knowledge and information you obtained.

Proposal Writers and Contracting Officers: We’re Not So Different After All! (And A Little Meditation Doesn’t Hurt)

Having had the opportunity to spend the day with some of the most motivated business professionals in the National Capital Region at the APMP-NCA Conference, I am more convinced than ever that proposal writers and federal contracting officers are birds of a feather. After attending some amazing sessions on technologies, success and creativity, the overlap between these two communities had me chanting “We’re not so different after all.” That was, of course, after several rounds of my newly learned “Sa Ta
Na Ma” meditation. How is it that I learned all of this at the same, single conference?!

My expectations for the APMP-NCA conference on Friday October 13, 2017, were completely blown away by the end of the opening keynote speaker address. The APMP-NCA staff was incredibly friendly and organized, and they got me off to a running start that morning. The key note speaker, Alka Dhillon, provided me with a new tool for combatting stress: Sa Ta Na Ma meditation. Before the first session at 10:15am, I found myself entrenched in an awesome and new community of likeminded professionals.

Throughout each of the sessions I attended that day, I was reminded of how proposal writers and federal contracting officers are working as two sides of the same coin. What a brilliant idea we spend more time together and learn from one another! The challenges shared by the small business professionals partaking in the “How Small Business Can Develop Effective Proposal Orgs” session reflects a similar scenario on the federal side where contracting officers and specialist often must wear many hats, as well. Apparently, “cat herding” isn’t just a job that contracting officers face! Ms. Jennifer
Adeli’s session on managing virtual proposal teams literally could have been provided to any federal agency that is incorporating or expanding their telework policy. Finally, the discussions and advice provided in Rebecca Link’s “Developing Your Professional BluePrint and Gaining Respect as You Grow” were both eye opening and refreshing after a full day of learning.

In short, once I get a chance to come up for some air (most likely during my break between Fall and Spring semesters at George Washington University), I can’t wait to join APMP and more fully explore all that this organization has to offer. Everyone (and especially federal contracting officers like myself!) should take the time to find out what this community has to offer. I look forward to connecting on LinkedIn with all the people I met and attended sessions with! Thank you for the opportunity to attend this awesome event!!