Learning from Losing

No one wants to lose, and no one wants to talk about losing. It is like talking about death. But failure can be an effective teacher. Most proposals are losing proposals—a statistical fact that is often ignored. But this does not mean that the participants are losers. Consider the career of Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K),

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Have You Done a Thorough Competitive Assessment to Win the Deal? 

Originally published in Solutioneering's Points of View. Know Thyself  Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher, said, “Know thyself.” Consider this related quote: “The successful company is the one that finds out what is the matter with its business before its competitors do.” This bit of wisdom comes from a principled and successful entrepreneur who co-founded a company operating in the

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A Guide to Agile Proposal Development and Management

Agile software development is a set of approaches to software development where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between cross-functional teams and stakeholders. Agile encourages flexibility and rapid response to change while advocating adaptive planning, iterative development, early delivery, and continual improvement. Agile principles can be applied to other disciplines, including proposal management, to support

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Proposal Coordinator Commandments

Originally published on APMP's blog, Winning the Business https://winningthebusiness.com/proposal-coordinator-commandments/ Proposal coordinators are often overlooked, but the value they can bring to a team is instrumental in enabling the proposal manager to manage the bid process most efficiently from start to finish. Sure, a coordinator’s role is to assist the proposal manager, but what does that

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“Thinking Outside of the Box”- The Art & Science of GovCon Marketing

Originally published on LinkedIn, republished here with the author's permission: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/thinking-outside-box-art-science-govcon-marketing-mark-amtower/ What is “outside of the box thinking”? I have been in too many meetings where an executive will say something like “Our marketing is stale. We need some outside-the-box thinking.” Often this is the result of seeing or reading about success B2B or B2C

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APMP-NCA Members – We Need Your Input

Members, please help us shape the APMP National Capital Area (NCA) chapter! Have you seen our survey in your inbox? Who is the APMP-NCA Chapter? If you’re located in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, you’re in luck. The Association of Proposal Management Professionals - National Capital Area (APMP-NCA) is the second largest of

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Resumes for the Win

Originally posted on Lohfeld Consulting's blog - Resumes for the Win. Resumes are the least appreciated proposal section. Proposal Managers often delegate resume writing to inexperienced writers. Writers create resumes without understanding how to interview the proposed key or non-key personnel for winning content and without understanding the proposed solution. Proposal reviewers frequently spend little

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Finding and Cultivating New Talent in the Industry

Originally posted on Winningthebusiness.com. In today’s market, we are all competing for proposal talent, and it’s not always easy to find the right fit. Our industry has historically been one where people have “fallen into” it, rather than choosing proposal management as an intentional career path. Proposal management isn’t a college major, so most students

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Why You Should Go Remote as a Proposal Writer (and Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Telecommuters)

Originally published on February 14, 2020 as an article on LinkedIn. How many remote jobs have you discovered for technical roles? Software developers, app engineers, and system architects seem to have it made when it comes to remote work. When it comes to marketing and proposal writing, though, many companies draw a firm line in

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APMP-NCA Chapter

The mission of the APMP-NCA chapter is to support our members in advancing their professional goals and increasing their capabilities to win business.

The APMP NCA Chapter maximizes member value by:

  • Creating an environment and opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, professionalism and application of best practices,
  • Partnering with industry, academia and government to unleash the power of capture and proposal management,
  • Providing a forum for the discussion and examination of problems, solutions, applications and ideas,
  • Disseminating information regarding developments in the profession, and
  • Attracting, developing and retaining leadership to ensure the future of the organization.

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