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Alexander Brown is a Senior Client Solutions Manager at ExperisPRO-IT. He is a Talent Manager and Recruiter with over 15 years’ experience in talent acquisition across a broad range of industries. Success in leading effective strategies to improve recruitment and retention by cultivating relationships through networking with professional organizations, and various social media platforms.

Parenting and Proposal Parallels

Note from the editor: This is a reprint of an article originally from Spring 2011 Executive Summary Ezine, written by past NCA board member Alexander Brown (2005 - 2015). This article may be 10 years (!) old, but as the mother of a young child every word here still rings true in 2021: “My life

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Time Management Tips in our New Virtual World

 This morning I was on a video conference where we were discussing a training session Time Management from the prior week. There were some very enlightening comments. The theme was not just about keeping focused on tasks but keeping a focus on ALL things important. We are all juggling things, kids, teaching, parenting, other family

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