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Lisa Pafe, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, CPP APMP Fellow and PMI PMP has 30 years’ capture, project, and proposal experience. She served as President of the APMP-National Capital Area (NCA) Chapter, VP, and Speaker Series Chair for two years each. She holds a BA from Yale University, MPP from Harvard University, and MIS from George Washington University. She is a trainer and frequent guest writer for Washington Technology.

Resumes for the Win

Originally posted on Lohfeld Consulting's blog - Resumes for the Win. Resumes are the least appreciated proposal section. Proposal Managers often delegate resume writing to inexperienced writers. Writers create resumes without understanding how to interview the proposed key or non-key personnel for winning content and without understanding the proposed solution. Proposal reviewers frequently spend little

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Six tips for better content reuse

Six tips for better content reuse - determine whether it contributes to increased proposal wins both in percentage and in volume. Originally published on Lohfeld Consulting's Blog at https://www.lohfeldconsulting.com/blog/2021/08/six-tips-for-better-content-reuse/ Proposal content reuse at its best improves productivity and make the most of your bid and proposal (B&P) resources. Every company reuses proposal content, whether they

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How does the government evaluate a proposal PWS?

Developing a comprehensive and effective PWS is a great way to show the government that you understand the work Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 37.602 gives the Federal Government the freedom to decide if the acquiring agency or the bidder prepares the Performance Work Statement (PWS). When the offeror prepares and submits the PWS as part of

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APMP Certification: A selfish and selfless act

Are you considering APMP certification? Perhaps you’re already certified at the Foundation level but are wondering if you should pursue Practitioner or even Professional accreditation. Capture and proposal professionals often ponder whether certification benefits them as well as those around them. Research shows that getting certified benefits you (selfish reasons) as well as your colleagues (selfless

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The Proposal of the Future

Dr. Emmett Brown: Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. – “Back to the Future”, 1985 Dr. Brown was wrong, we still need roads. The cars may have changed, and some of them don’t need human drivers, but roads are still heavily traveled. Similarly, some may predict that our future procurement world will eliminate the need

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Leading Teams on the Fly

Capture and proposal team leaders face challenges inherent to our business: fluid team composition, multiple concurrent tasks and opportunities, competing demands, changing priorities, and short deadlines. Most companies have a permanent cadre of full -time capture and proposal professionals supplemented by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), consultants, and other specialists (contracts, pricing, Human Resources) for specific

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Nudging Toward Change

Can you change? Or do you need a nudge? We Want to Change Most organizations and individuals agree that they could do better. As a capture and proposal expert, I work with dozens of businesses from small to large to assess their processes; make recommendations for improvement; and train employees on how to create solutions

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How Ready is Your Capture?

Join Lisa and APMP-NCA for a FREE webinar on Assessing Capture Readiness.  Business capture takes time and money, sometimes with few tangible results. How do you assess capture readiness for each opportunity in your pipeline? This webinar will explore Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help you measure and track capture progress, improve capture quality and increase

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Proposal Manager: From Good to Great

by Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP Fellow, PMP At the 2017 APMP Bid and Proposal Con, my colleague and I facilitated a workshop on Proposal Manager: From Good to Great. Our findings and audience feedback confirmed that Proposal Managers of any merit continually strive to improve their abilities. This article examines the research on going from

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