Last quarter we talked about the past and how the rise of technology and other changes in acquisitions has shaped our industry. For this quarter’s eZine, we look to the future and attempt to stay ahead of any curves or changes within our ever-turbulent government.

The rise of cloud computing and data center hosting has created new topics for proposal writers and managers to tackle and new content that has to be created. It is always challenging as a writer or manager to get up to speed with the technology or solution that is being proposed when many of us work for companies that provide multiple solutions and technologies (not to mention doing this on a 30-day turn!) The landscape continues to change with the growing need for deeper cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, among other advances.

What if the health industry eventually does get totally overhauled and a single-payer system is implemented? What if immigration becomes so lenient that there are hardly uses for biometric scanning devices or patrols at our borders? What if we do manage to cut our carbon footprint down to practically nothing and large factories and other manufacturers close up shop? These things that are being heavily viewed and discussed within our government have an enormous impact on the size, scope, and quantity of solicitations that would come to market.

It is up to us as industry professionals and leaders to ensure we have a place in the future. We must get involved, support our trade, and become indispensable assets to the companies we serve. What better way to do that than to get involved with APMP? Some great ways to participate are:

Only time will tell what other advances will be made and how it will affect the landscape of government contracting and proposal development. Until then….

Yours in success,

Rebecca Link