5 reasons Why I’m Signing Up For the Mentor-Protégé Program

I remember my first day working in Proposals - it was just me and one other person and we split all the work 50/50. Together, we made up the proposal manager, proposal coordinator, capture manager, editor, graphics artist, and every other role needed in between to create our finished masterpiece of a proposal.  We were

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The Complete Newbie’s Guide to a Career in Proposal Writing

The Complete Newbie’s Guide to a Career in Proposal Writing Originally published on Aug 13, 2019 by KSI , Inc. So, you’re about to start proposal writing for the first time. Maybe you’re transitioning careers, or maybe you’re a recent college graduate, stepping into government contracting culture for the very first time. Either way, congratulations

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APMP’s 2021 Virtual Capture and Business Development Conference (CBDC) Delivers Crowd-sourced Training Topics and Networking Opportunities for a Global Audience

FOMO is real if you didn’t attend CBDC last week… It was THAT good, for those of us wanting to begin the new year with a renewed focus on capture and business development excellence. However, if you missed out—fear not. Here, we break down the highlights and key takeaways from CBDC and give you a

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Step Back In Time – A look back at the Executive Summary

A huge thank you to all of our readers, new and old, who stay up to date with our weekly blog, Pens Down - we look forward to sharing so much more the rest of the year! A look back at The Executive Summary It’s been a few weeks since we’ve started this new weekly

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Three Ways Proposals Are Like Building a House

Three Ways Proposals Are Like Building a House Happy 2021! After a challenging and rocky 2020, I know so many of us are looking forward to new beginnings and a smoother year in 2021. I’m definitely no exception. In fact, my fiancé Kevin and I are in the process of building our dream home. But

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I’ll Get In Shape After This Proposal, and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

I’ll Get In Shape After This Proposal, and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves The Number 1 Lie The number 1 lie the general population tells themselves at the beginning of each new year: This year I will finally get in shape. I’m going to be a new person starting January 1!  The number 1 lie

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Welcome to Our Weekly blog, Pens Down!

New Year, New Universe - Working and Living in a Distanced World Maybe not everyone, but I’d say a good majority of us would agree that 2020 was just not the best year. There are silver linings to find for sure, such as our advanced 21st century technology that saved the day and let a

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Three Surprising Things I’ve Learned as a Student of Proposal Writing

As a student of proposal writing rather than an active member of the field, it does feel presumptuous to be writing about the topic with a mere two semesters of writing for proposals (barely) under my belt. However, as a newcomer to the field, I do think I have an interesting perspective on the nature,

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Recording Available: “APMP Webinar – What’s SUPS”

Our recent webinar recording is now available. Are you looking for a way to better articulate your discriminating value proposition? This webinar will show you how to explain the Strengths of your offer that bring value to the customer. Using Lohfeld Consulting’s SUPS methodology – Strengths, Understanding, Process and Summary – attendees will learn how

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Recording Available: “Ask the Experts: Bid and Proposal Con 2019 Edition”

Our recent webinar recording is now available. Three summaries of presentations from the 2019 Bid and Proposal Conference in Florida are presented. View the recording here >

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APMP-NCA Chapter

The mission of the APMP-NCA chapter is to support our members in advancing their professional goals and increasing their capabilities to win business.

The APMP NCA Chapter maximizes member value by:

  • Creating an environment and opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, professionalism and application of best practices,
  • Partnering with industry, academia and government to unleash the power of capture and proposal management,
  • Providing a forum for the discussion and examination of problems, solutions, applications and ideas,
  • Disseminating information regarding developments in the profession, and
  • Attracting, developing and retaining leadership to ensure the future of the organization.

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