Historically, the Colorado chapter of APMP was founded in 1988. They were one of the first chapters to host the BPC and were a shining example of what a great chapter can and should be. As the chapter grew and expanded to cover Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and some other areas (including a group from Costa Rica), member engagement started to dwindle. Chapter board members came and went, and were exhausted by the lack of participation in live events as well as engagement from the chapter.

Fast-forward to 2019. Inspired by the Orlando BPC’s Chapter Leaders Lunch & Workshop where the board members were able to learn about other chapters successes and challenges, the Colorado board members were determined to set new goals for the chapter and rebuild membership engagement. Our goals were focused around live events, webinars and education, and communication, but the board knew we could never meet these goals alone. In August, the chapter established a volunteer committee of members who focus on these core goals. So far, they have been instrumental in helping our board members deliver on live and virtual events, creative and more frequent communications with our members, and ultimately put chapter ideas into action. As a result of these committees, we started planning quarterly live events in our various hub locations (Denver, Colorado Springs, and Salt Lake City), developing monthly virtual events/webinars, and will be developing a quarterly newsletter.

In addition, we have found a new crop of engaged members who have not only volunteered to be part of our committees, but several of them have also volunteered to be on the 2020 board.

We see a bright and exciting future for the Colorado chapter.

APMP Colorado by the Numbers, 2019!

  • Welcomed 16 new members
  • Hosted 9 webinars on topics such as proposal best practices and career development
  • 40 members attended APMP Bid and Proposal Con (BPC) in Orlando, FL in May
  • 32 of our members obtained their APMP certifications. Congratulations!
  • Networked at 3 live events
  • Held 1 coffee talk (more to come in 2020)!