by Maryann Lesnick, CPP APMP, PMP, CSM

APMP Certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating proposal management competency, offering the world’s only industry-recognized certification program for bid and proposal professionals.  If you are pursuing a career in proposal management, you should obtain and maintain at least a Foundation Level Certification; it is even becoming a requirement for some employers.

An APMP Certification demonstrates personal commitment to your career and profession. It demonstrates your business development capabilities and skill sets; creates a focus on best practices; and fosters respect and credibility among peers, clients, organizational leaders, and prospective employers.

APMP Certification reinforces bid and proposal management as an important role in an organization.

APM Group

The APMP Certification program is administered by The APM Group Ltd. for APMP. The APM Group is a leading Accreditation, Certification, and Qualification organization recognized internationally by government agencies. The Certification Program is defined in the APMP Certification Program Syllabus:

Which Certification is Right for Me?

There are three levels of certification, each building upon the experience of the previous level:  Foundation (CF APMP), Practitioner (CP APMP), and Professional (CPP APMP).

Keeping your certification through CEUs.  Professional development doesn’t end with achievement of a new certification level. All APMP-certified professionals are expected to earn and track Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Every two years, those with Foundation Certification must earn 20 CEUs, and those with Practitioner and Professional Certification must earn 40 CEUs.

You can earn CEUs in several different ways:

  • Participating in training
  • Preparing materials, including articles, websites and blogs, conference presentations, and books on business development topics
  • Attending events
  • Volunteering
  • Studying independently

Continuing Professional Development requirements are defined in Managing Your Continuing Education Units (CEUs) (

Tracking CEUs. CEU tracking is on a two-year cycle from the date of your last/highest certification. You are responsible for tracking CEUs. Use the Professional Development section of your APMP profile to log CEUs. CEUs are periodically audited through the site.

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