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Deanna Winstead

Simple Strategies that Solving Complex Proposal Management Challenges

Increasing speed and agility of the proposal process is constantly sought after in the most effectively managed proposal departments. Identifying best practices, enhancing efficiencies, rapidly seeking intel, improving existing processes, and documenting EVERYTHING are essential aspects of effectively managing the proposal lifecycle. Attaining greatness during the COVID-19 pandemic forced industry to shift to 100% telework and a work ethic that enabled constant collaboration in real-time via online platforms and increased accountability. This session is intended for proposal managers that are seeking new ways to manage their team with agility in this virtual environment.

Deanna is the Proposal Director at C2 Technologies and drives the proposal development process with over 15 years’ experience working with federal government programs that support the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, United States Army, and United States Marine Corps in the areas of education, information technology, policy, juvenile justice, and health care.

Len Miller

Winning Proposals via an Agile Review Process

The pace of proposal development seems to be increasing which often can lead to taking short cuts from our classic proposal review processes. This often allows fatal errors to slip into submitted proposals (which should never happen)! We need a more agile proposal review process that works within an accelerated proposal development cycle that provides a way to effectively and quickly provide the right level of review to our hard work. This session discuss such a process to allow us to submit winning proposals following an agile review process.

As a General Manager/Account Lead at Hinz Consulting, Len Miller provides pipeline analyses, BD/Capture Support, RFI/Sources Sought development/review, RFP analyses, bid/no-bid and bid team composition recommendations, and proposal reviews. He has 38 years of experience in Federal/DOD and commercial BD, capture and proposal management, and has helped win over $37B since 1990.


Christy Hollywood

Don’t Roll the Dice in Changing Markets – Place Your Bets

Change is the only constant. We must lead our teams in preparing for changes – whether new modes of procurement or new technologies to support our organization’s growth. Learn how to place your bets on these new modes and methods wisely. Hear examples of steps that helped teams migrate to two-stage bidding, self-scored proposals, and video orals as well as implement global past performance databases and bid metrics.

Christy Roach Hollywood (CP APMP) leads Hollywood & Associates, providing strategy, capture, and proposal support and training to Federal Civilian sector contractors and non-profits. During her 20+ year career, she served as Vice President for BD of Cardno (a large USAID and MCC contractor) and held pivotal business development roles at KPMG’s Emerging Markets Group, RTI International, PATH, Fidelity Investments, and Noblis. Christy holds a BA from UVA, an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill, and a Shipley Associates business development certification. A member of APMP since 2003, she has co-authored articles and was invited to present at the five APMP BidCons on real-world capture, proposal writing, and market intelligence.


Brisa Renteria

How to Predict Your Sales Candidate’s Success Before You Hire Them

With unemployment at an all-time high, chances are you’re having no problem getting salespeople to apply to your job ad. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing: You’re able to get salespeople in the funnel with little to no effort which gives you a huge pool of candidates to choose from. Bad thing: Sucky salespeople (who interview well) will be in that funnel too which will keep you in the hiring wheel of death. Hiring, firing, hiring, firi… you get the gist! But don’t freak out. I have a way that will get you out of the endless cycle, and I’m teaching it here!

Brisa quickly learned that having sales processes and a sales training program will not be as effective if companies don’t have the right sales talent in place. As a result, she created and taught her clients a 5-step sales selection program able to weed out candidates that look promising, but won’t deliver. She helped organizations all over the U.S avoid costly hiring mistakes by implementing and effectively executing a sales selection process that attracts only the best sales professionals.

Craig Weaver

Video in Proposals – Understanding the Latest Approaches

Craig Weaver of SunnyMoon Productions Discusses the Latest Video Trends in (GSA FEDSIM DHS) Proposal Development:
– Remote Software Filming/Recording – Professional Studio Filming/Recording – Customer-Site Filming/Recording
– Audio-Only Recording Options
– What to Expect – Costs, Processes, Timelines, etc.
– Open Discussion and Q&A

An award winning director, producer, and cinematographer, Craig is the founding Director and Chief Executive Officer of SunnyMoon Productions, a small video production studio in Tysons Corner VA that delivers premiere audio/video solutions and services to organizations of all types and sizes in the Washington DC area.


Gene Metcalf

When the government selects an LPTA (Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable) contract when does it make sense from a company perspective to continue to bid or walk away to fight another day.

Gene is the Director of Price To Win at Richter & Company LLC, with specialties in Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCEA).





Randy Richter

The Gambler’s Fallacy and Win Probability: Insights from Behavioral Economics

We’ve all experienced hot steaks in our careers, times when we just can’t lose. Filled with enthusiasm, we submit a new proposal – then fail spectacularly. This is an example of the gambler’s fallacy, a key concept from the field of behavioral economics. This session will discuss how key ideas from behavioral economics can be put to practical use, improving the likelihood that you will win and be able to perform post-award.

Randy is the Chairman at Richter & Company LLC. He has a proven record of business development, technical and analytical success within the public and private sectors. His company focuses on Federal contracting; they help their customers win more business by providing actionable information – news you can use – to assist in opportunity capture.


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