APMP’s second annual Women’s Virtual Summit is August 4th! It’s your opportunity to learn about the most pressing, current, and emerging issues for professional women and how you can be an advocate and ally of women in business. 

We had an opportunity to sit down with Candy Jenkins, Speaker and APMP National Capital Area (NCA) member, to talk about what they’re excited about, what to expect from their session and how APMP is helping them achieve their professional goals.

Thank you for joining us, Candy! What are you most excited about for women in the industry right now? 

A recent communication from APMP stated that women comprise 71% of proposal professionals. That’s a staggering number! Given the challenges that we face in the workforce, we have the opportunity to build a powerful community of women professionals who can support and elevate each other. Can you imagine the things we can accomplish for the profession as well as for ourselves with such a community?!

What is your most powerful lesson learned? 

I think the most powerful lesson that I have learned in my career is how important networking and building a community of like-minded people can be. When I was very young and first entered the workforce, I was one of the only women in the office. I was expected to do my job plus a lot of administrative duties, simply because I was the woman. I was fine with that. I was young and didn’t know any better. 

Then I left the office world behind in my early 20s to raise children, and I came back into the workforce in my early 30s. Suddenly, “networking” was all the rage. I dismissed the thought completely out of hand and never made the effort to make those connections. “I’ve always managed quite well on my own, thank you,” I thought to myself. 

Then I got really lucky. I went to work for a woman and a company who forced their proposal managers to become certified, and I discovered APMP. Suddenly, “networking” and the idea of a community of professionals who cared about the same things that I did was an AMAZING idea…one that I embraced completely. I have since realized the impact that this community has had on me, both professionally and personally, and the growth that I have experienced since becoming a part of that community has been amazing. It has reminded me that I need to keep an open mind about new things and new opportunities that come my way.

What do you want people to take away from your session? 

My topic is “5 Changes to Impact Perception and Other Issues”, and I hope that someone can pick up some tips or ideas that will help make their lives a little better or a little easier the next time they are faced with the types of issues I discuss in the presentation. I want women to know that they have a voice and that their voice is worthy of being heard…even if they have to work hard to make that happen.

How do APMP and APMP NCA help you achieve your goals? 

If you look at my answer to Question #2, you’ll get a glimpse of how I feel about APMP, and particularly the NCA Chapter. I was a Board member and volunteer for several years, and in fact stepped away just last year for personal reasons, but the connections that I made while I was a part of that organization have taught me lessons and opened doors that I otherwise never would have learned or had access to. I may be biased, but the NCA Chapter is a very special part of APMP!!!

Thank you, Candy! We’re looking forward to your session, 5 Changes to Impact Perception and Other Issues.

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The Summit is a one-day worldwide online event that will occur in time blocks that span all time zones. The sessions will be available on-demand for 90 days after the event through the event app. Register now!