(Second Quarter 2020) (due by 05/26/20)

Life as we know it has certainly taken on a new perspective for most of the world over the past couple of months, and the proposal industry is no different.  Teams have had to adjust to remote working, social distancing is a new terminology in everyone’s vocabulary, some Federal procurements have slowed while others have remained on track, and agencies are struggling to redefine how to do Orals in a world where no one can be in the same room.

This quarter’s eZine would like to hear about your experiences with adapting to the way of doing business in our issue COVID-19 and the Proposal Industry.  How has your team adapted?  What have been the challenges?  What are some success stories?  Will some of these changes remain even after the quarantine is lifted?  What tools are you using successfully as a team?  These topics and any others are welcome!  Don’t forget, we’re an interactive publication, so if you’d like to submit a video, that would be great!  You could highlight a new tool that you’re using with your team, or even submit a video with you and a peer to demonstrate how you’re making things work even though you’re not together.  The possibilities are endless.

Please submit your articles at https://apmpnca.org/contribute/, or send them to ezine@apmpnca.org no later than May 26th.  Please ensure that any graphics submitted with your article are not copyrighted.

We can’t wait to hear from you!