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A lot of people (including myself!) just "fell" into this business, so NCA is looking to share the latest and greatest on a variety of topics - everything from proposal development to self-development, government contracts to virtual job interviews. If there is something worth discussing, just let me know!

Alexander Brown is a Senior Client Solutions Manager at ExperisPRO-IT. He is a Talent Manager and Recruiter with over 15 years’ experience in talent acquisition across a broad range of industries. Success in leading effective strategies to improve recruitment and retention by cultivating relationships through networking with professional organizations, and various social media platforms.

Heidi Y. Lawrence is an Assistant Professor in the department of English at George Mason University, where she is also Director of the Professional Writing and Rhetoric MA Concentration and co-directs the Virginia Consortium on the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine (VCRHM). She is the author of Vaccine Rhetorics, on vaccination controversy, published by Ohio State University Press.

Hillary Chester-Peedin is a master’s student in Professional Writing and Rhetoric at George Mason University. Hillary works full-time as a proposal writer and editor for By Light Professional IT Services, LLC.

Tamara is a Graduate Student at George Mason University, pursuing an MA Degree in Professional Writing & Rhetoric. She is also a proposal writer at FedWriters.

Sarah Kassell was a Protege in the 2018 NCA Mentor-Protege program, and while it was very helpful, Sarah knew the program had a lot of untapped potential. Thus, in 2019 Sarah joined the Professional Development Committee to re-imagine and revitalize the program. This year, Sarah focused on bringing technology and accessibility to the forefront of the program; utilizing an internal website, webinars, and rotating in-person gatherings to accommodate all participants. One of the most rewarding experiences was helping expand the network of our proteges, especially with regards to career advancement and new opportunities. For the 2020 program, Sarah would like to implement 2019 lessons learned, give participants more input over the curriculum, and drive higher attendance rates for in-person events. Although the Mentor-Protege program is a key responsibility for this role, Sarah would like to implement two new opportunities to engage all NCA members on their professional development goals.